11 Reasons To Migrate Shared Web Hosting to Cloud VPS

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11 Reasons To Migrate Shared Web Hosting to Cloud VPS

Shared hosting is just like a shared apartment when you were a college-going student, with probably fewer responsibilities. However as you flourish in your career and move towards university education and later get married, you will probably need to get a whole apartment in a building and that whole apartment could be termed as a VPS.

So when your business website grows big, you will need to migrate shared web hosting to cloud VPS. A cloud VPS is a dedicated virtual computing machine’s chunk of resources allotted to you, which you have to manage yourself. Or you can also get a managed cloud VPS, which is managed by the cloud VPS hosting company and you don’t have many responsibilities.

Reasons to Migrate Shared Hosting to Cloud VPS:

  • The website speed is too slow. (Shared hosting is shared among many users, which slows down each user website)
  • You and your website visitors are getting 503 forbidden errors, due to low resources and more traffic. It will be solved when migrated to a Cloud VPS.
  • You need to use different PHP version or a different web server, for instance, your shared hosting is using Apache web server, but your website software needs Nginx or LiteSpeed web server, so you will go with a Cloud VPS.
  • Your website is facing frequent downtimes on shared web hosting.
  • Your website cannot use webp image format for better results on shared hosting.
  • You need a dedicated IP address for each website that you want to host.
  • You need to maintain your own security firewall on Linux, which cannot be done on shared hosting.
  • You want to have your website served to visitors in milliseconds, which is only possible with an optimized and managed VPS.
  • You are using WordPress or WooCommerce, which requires more CPU / RAM resources and thus you want to migrate your websites from shared hosting to a managed cloud VPS. Also Read –> 5 Affordable Small Business Website Design Tools
  • Load Balancers can be attached with Cloud VPS, which extends the resource capabilities of your cloud VPS in the hour of need. For instance, your website goes viral, and you need to cope up with the higher resources requirement, then load balancers can help.
  • You get to choose the hosting environment with cloud VPS. For instance, you will have the choice to choose Linux operating system flavor, web server, location of the server, PHP version, MySQL version, backup settings, and much more.

All the above reasons are valid when you are hosting your websites or web application in shared hosting environments. Once you will migrate to a dedicated cloud VPS hosting, 99% of your issues will be removed and fixed.

Best Cloud VPS Hosting Providers

Following is the list of best cloud VPS hosting providers, that you can use for your web projects.

  • Amazon AWS
  • Amazon Lightsail
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • Vultr
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Hetzner

Web Sol Xpert team recommends all of the above-listed cloud VPS hosting providers. Our team has significant expertise in website migrations from shared hosting to cloud VPS hosting. We will set up and manage your server either with either a Free Linux Hosting Control Panel or the paid Linux Hosting Control Panel.

Expert WordPress Website Migration and Copy Services for Shared Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Servers

We can even help you set up your complete Virtual Private Server and configure it for the best performance in addition to best security practices being followed to make your website secure against hack or malware injection attempts.

Simply contact us and discuss your project requirements and we will make sure to help you in the best possible time.



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